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Dar Bennani
In the Ancient City of Fes



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Dar Bennani  
A Brief History of Fes

Dar Bennani is located at 18 Derb Il Rom which resides in the marvelous and carefully preserved imperial city of Fes located in the Northern African country of Morocco. Fes embodies the essence of Morocco's aromas, shapes, colors and has been called the soul of the entire nation.

This beautiful home is located in the Batha district just minutes from the main gate Bab Boujeloud off Talaa Sghira. This traditional Moroccan Home (Dar / Riad) features an open courtyard to the sky, large rooms, salons and the classic architecture of the period.



Notable Crafts / Sites in Fes

The great tannery work affords a marvelous spectacle. Small round or square cubes cut into the floor are filled with a thousand and one different colors. The hustle and bustle around these cubes of colors is constantly kept up by men who devote their energy to cutting animal hides in their bare feet, a spectacle of rare beauty.

The Nejjarine quarter borders the henna souk. The pleasant odor of cedar will stimulate your senses and attract you into shops where cabinetmakers work their wood so skillfully.

One of the finest fountains in the city rises in this square: the Nejjarine fountain, a must for all tourists.